Upcoming Events

Feb. 2014 I have been invited to have a Portfolio Account on the website Lensculture. They are one of the best online resources for contemporary photography. You can see all the portfolio artist in the Explore  section.

Sept. 25-29  I will be in Chicago at the Filter Photo Festival. Come check out all the great photographers at the Portfolio Walk on Sept. 28 at Columbia College.

July 6th   I have two photos in the upcoming show at Blend Gallery. 79 Arcade building. Opening is July 6th from 6-9pm.

May 2013     I will be at the Brush Creek Ranch Artist Residency in Saratoga Wyoming for the whole month of May.

March 9-22    I am spending two weeks in Oregon at a residency sponsored by the Spring Creek Project. I'll be staying in a cabin.

March 7th     I have a collaborative piece in the Connect 12 exhibition at the Trahern Gallery at Austen Peay University. It's a 12 foot banner of handshakes that looks like a spine.I had a great time working with Stacey Irvin photographing handshakes at The Peace Jam in Nashville and collaborating with her on the final piece.

January 2013    I've been invited to join the Art Photo Index, a  Photo-Eye project by Rixon Reed. It's a highly regarded searchable, visual database of vetted photographers and photo-based artists from throughout the world.

 Artist Statement   

Skinscribe is an on-going project in which I draw on my body to transform my appearance and confront the self image I have constructed over my lifetime.

     Beginning without a pre-conceived design in mind, I stand in front of a mirror and draw the first line across my skin. Each mark that follows is a spontaneous reaction to the previous line and how the pattern fits the shape of my body. The process is a repetitive mark making ritual which transports me into a liminal space where I am able to stretch the boundaries of my identity and construct a self image that mirrors my longings rather than conform to society’s ideals of feminine beauty and behavior. I imagine living in a society where beauty is defined as the outward expression of inner strengths or wisdom gained in one’s lifetime. How could qualities such as compassion, intuition, or creativity be expressed with body ornamentation?

  This project has led me on a journey through the human psyche where I have explored my body’s feminine and masculine qualities, it’s resemblance to other animals, body hatred, the cult of beauty and the fear of aging. The images capture the manifestation of my inner life and my sense of vulnerability at sharing it with the viewer.